Bill Wiese Donates 23 Minutes In Hell Resources to Death Row Inmates!

Bill Wiese and Soul Choice Ministries continue to sow hundreds of books, DVDs and CDs to prisoners. We have received many testimonies from changed lives.

Prisoners Receive Resources from Bill Wiese

By God’s grace, we will get a 23 Minutes in Hell book into the hands of every death row inmate in the U.S. So far, 497 books have been given so far with an approximate total of 3500 inmates in the U.S. prison system on death row.

We desire to connect with chaplains or prison ministries who distribute Christian materials to these specific inmates. If you can help facilitate this project, please contact Annette at


Please take a minute to read a few of the testimonies below:

“I read your book 23 Minutes in Hell. I couldn’t put it down. I prayed to God for the first time since January. I asked for forgiveness and most of all I thanked Him for everything He was doing. Bill, your book gave me hope and trust again in God who I thought could care less about me. It showed me that He was there and was so concerned for me just as a parent over a new born child. Thank you, Bill, for not ignoring God’s calling. Your boldness has showed me a lot about how amazing God truly is. You may never truly know how you helped me in my troubled walk, but thank you.”

— Christiansburg, VA



A Passion for Souls

“Your book has given me a different outlook on life, in more ways than anyone could even know. When I get home, I want to leave the gang life, attend church, and raise my two daughters the correct way. I have been in and out of prison, and I swear that by reading your words, it has changed my life! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me and the world.”

—Joliet, IL

“The reason I am writing to you is because by reading your book, 23 Minutes in Hell, it got me back on track with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is really weird because not even my best friend in bible study got me back where I belong with Christ. I can’t really explain it but I believe it’s something in you that got me on track and because hell is forever.”

Chicago, IL

“Your book was passed down to me by another member of our wonderful Faith. I must admit I viewed your first couple of chapters with skepticism. ‘Surely it is a gimmick,’ I thought. . . I finished it in a day and it renewed a passion in me I thought I was going to lose. Thank you! I wanted to tell you how concerned I am now for my fellow man. (If someone would of told me a month ago I would be grateful to be in jail; it saved my life; introduced me to Christ. . . I truly would not have believed them."

— Amarillo, TX

“I stopped believing in God. I took the time to read your book and I feel now is the time to make a change in life because I have put myself and my family through hell. Reading your book has also opened my mind that I even talk to some of the inmates in here about a change in life and turning to God for that complete change”.

— Alpine, TX